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"The Art & Science of EffectiveConversation"


Transformational Communication Series

"Exquisite Listening®"

Mastering the Most Critical Business and Life Skill of All.


Did you know that the brain has a “trap door?”  In this workshop, learn about the impact this trap door has on how we communicate with others.  Also learn skills and strategies to help resolve conflict in both personal and professional relationships.

"Experiential Listening"
Filling Your Toolbox with the Essential Tools to Show What You Hear 


Would you like to understand and be understood more clearly in conversation?  This workshop helps participants learn how to “show” what they hear using tools like props, drawing and media.

Ultimate Listening

Trusting Your Own Inner Wisdom


Do you want to show up in life with more of your true talents and authentic self, and to make decisions with ease and reduce stress?  This retreat helps participants reconnect their own personal truth and integrity in order to live a more meaningful life.

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