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For all people to be given the gift of possibility


Provide social innovators with compelling visual stories to spread the "good news" of the work they do. Also, provide people with education and resources to improve their own health and well-being from the inside out.

How we do it:

Photo Philanthropy:

We identify high impact non-profits, who serve vulnerable families, and partner them with professional photographers to visually capture their innovative and sustainable solutions.  With moving, inspirational images, non-profits are able to increase awareness and funding to scale their impact.

Empowerment Institute:

We develop and deliver educational workshops that empower people to discover their own inner genius.  Striving for excellence, we do not confine ourselves to four walls of a classroom. Instead, we take our programs to locations all over the world in order to reach people who would not otherwise be able to attend. All classes are designed to inspire people everywhere to build the future they all imagine.

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