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Empowerment Institute

Enriching people's lives from the inside...out.

The idea behind the creation of “The Empowerment Institute” came from Sheri Reid Grant’s desire to pass on her father’s gift of possibility to others by empowering them to grow and realize their full potential.  She wants people to believe in themselves; to overcome their sense of powerlessness and to recognize that they have choices in their lives to pursue their personal dreams and professional goals. 

With that in mind, she created a mobile educational workshop model in order to take programming to where it is needed most.  This model helps reduce costs for The Reid Family Foundation and also makes the workshops accessible to those who can not travel. The "Empowerment Institute's mission is to strive for educational excellence without being confined to four walls.  We bring the gift of possibility to YOU!

Our workshops are innovative and engaging programs designed to educate, empower and inspire people to create the life they always wanted.  We teach unique, research based models of conflict resolution, behavior change, self awareness, and communication skills within a very interactive environment. Each workshop provides participants with experiences that enable them to recognize their own wisdom and power.  With this new level of recognition, we have found that they discover possibilities in their lives that, before taking one of our workshops, had seemed unattainable.  

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